Changing Gears: Economic Development for the Delta

As cycling continues to spread like wild fire across the country, Clarendon sees an opportunity to climb aboard.

Cities are now equating cycling with positive economic impact. In 2009, Resource Systems Group and Local Motion reported that:


“Bicycle and pedestrian-related business brought in more than $56 million in revenue, generating more than 1,000 jobs and $26 million in associated wages” *


Simply put, bicycles draw money, trails draw bicycles. 



The BWRB will be an attraction to cyclists from all across the country, as well as state and local residents. At just under 3 miles of cycling through the 2nd largest hardwood bottomland forest left in North America, tourists will be eager to learn about the BWRB Trail.  

Strategically located in the heart of the Big Woods of Arkansas, the BWRB boasts an unequalled treetop view of some of North America's most valuable wildlife. Keep an eye peeled for the famed ivory-billed wood pecker, which was sighted in the Big Woods in 2004 just a few miles north of Clarendon.

Coupling the BWRB as a recreational trail with the great hunting and fishing Clarendon already sports can only mean more room for business. Not to mention the skyrocketinga postcard sales of the "once endagered Big White River Bridge"!

Incentive for New Business
Watching for Wildlife
Cycling the BWRB