In the winter months of 1824, in Washington D.C., Congress appropriated funds to build the first road from Memphis to Little Rock, the territory of Arkansas's capitol. One hundred and ninety years later, only a few portions of the "Old Military Road" are still in service, however, the new White River Bridge at Clarendon is opened, we'll have the opportunity to use the old BWRB as a hiking and cycling trail, still connecting travelers from Memphis to Little Rock on part of the original roadbed

Memphis-Little Rock


The Harahan Bridge Project will be the first pedestrian/bike crossing over the Mississippi River at Memphis, connecting downton Memphis to downtown West-Memphis. The cities of Memphis and Little Rock are seeking to link themselves via a designated cycling route, however finding a "good" route has not been so easy. 


Like the days of the early Arkansas settlers, crossing the White River has also presented its share of the challenge in finding a decent overland route from Memphis to Little Rock.


The BWRB is the perfect missing link in the chain, acting as a dedicated pedestrian/cycling trail, crossing the White River at Clarendon. This would offer US Highway 79 from Memphis to Clarendon two on to Stuttgart as a potential route option, and US Highway 165 from Stuttgart to Little Rock.  

US Bike Route-80

The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is a network of designated bycicle routes across Amercia, connecting cities, suburbs, and rural areas. 



The National Corridor Plan, organized by Adventure Cycling consists of suggested bike routes across America. Some of these have already been developed and designated, however many have not. US Bike Route 80 will connect Little Rock to Memphis, and given the great opportunity, use the BWRB as a dedicated cycling route through the Big Woods of Arkansas.

An epic cycling trail connecting Memphis to Little Rock...

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