Preserving the history of the Delta



Using natural resources for economic development in the Delta



Connecting the Delta and Arkansas with trails and routes that showcase our natural beauty

Welcome. We invite you to join us... 

As we work to preserve a truly unique historic bridge and adapt it into one of the longest elevated bicycling, pedestrian, and wildlife platforms in the world, we need your help! 

Here are some key ways you can make a positive impact right now: 

It will take you a minute or less to click on the red button and sign our online petition on In doing so, you'll join more than a thousand others from almost 40 states and almost 30 countries! 

Please consider donating to our online "crowdsourcing" campaign to help cover our expenses as we work to save the bridge. Every donation counts, no matter how large or small! 

Learn more about recent events, press coverage, and other important updates. Ideally, "Like" our Facebook page so our updates will appear in your feed automatically. 

Beyond this, here are a few others things you might do to get excited and involved: 

  • Read through the website to learn about what we're trying to do and why

  • Make sure to watch our beautiful four-minute video about the bridge 

  • Share our petition, fundraising campaign, our Facebook page, and your excitement for the cause with friends, family, co-workers, your local newspaper and everyone you meet

  • Volunteer to help us by contacting us – make sure to let us know if you have any superpowers (e.g. a professional skill set like lawyer, engineer, contractor, or accountant; a talent and passion for fundraising; magical powers of persuasion; connections with philanthropic or highly influential people or organizations, including those associated with public, private, or media institutions)